Bodybuilding Mistakes

Bodybuilders deserve all the appreciation for their ambition and efforts, but even they can make mistakes. It seems that bodybuilders around the world make the same mistakes and one reason is their ego. This can be a good thing, but it can also set common sense aside.


Another reason why bodybuilders make mistakes is misinformation, so the confusion is complete and many people injure themselves. The second reason is believing the myths such that cardio is superior to weight training when it comes to getting in shape and many other things like that.


There are also some things you should consider to avoid mistakes such as:

  • remember that a caliper and the mirror and your judge, not the scale
  • it’s muscle stimulation that causes growth, not the weight itself
  • not resting enough is also something you should avoid as you grow while resting, not while working out
  • don’t change your program and during each workout, be sure you alter the number of sets, exercises, reps, rep speed and many others
  • eat well during the day before the workout, especially carbs, which are your source of energy; you can find them in rice, pasta or potatoes

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    In case you aren’t sure about what you’ll do, ask a friend of yours who is a bodybuilder for a long time. Or, ask a bodybuilding trainer more details. The pieces of advice they’ll give you will help you a lot from preventing a lot of problems. By preventing them, you’ll look fabulous and your muscle mass will increase very much.

    Bodybuilding Dont’s

    It’s easy to lose sight of the most important rules in bodybuilding. Thus, you may not have the results you want. This is why you have to know all the dont’s related to this field that will help you stay on the track:

    • Don’t get stuck in a rut. It means that you have to make progress, not stick to a single program.
    • Don’t lift excessive weights. This thing is not productive at all and it won’t lead to favorable results. Additionally, it doesn’t permit a total control performance of the exercise and lifting weights can also lead to joint pain, ligament, muscle or tendon tear.


    • Don’t work your muscles excessively when you begin training because it will definitely be overwhelming. You have to take it easily and then slowly you can increase your intensity.
    • Don’t use momentum for any type of exercise. In other words, you should use your muscles in order to lift weights instead of using a swinging movement. In this case, as well, don’t try weight far greater than you can handle. The best thing you should do is to find the right weight and use it during a full range of motions.


    • Don’t forget to stretch, but only frequently. It will help you stay supple and increase your muscle mass. There are also other benefits such as preventing injuries, improving posture and performance, decreasing anxiety and keeping the body loose and agile.
    • Don’t bench press alone. Instead, you should have the spotter help you lift the bar and to a position that is directly over your chest. Moreover, you should lower the weight to your chest and then press it back up to arm’s length again.
    • Don’t neglect body parts as it’s important to have a generally fit body.
    • Don’t overdiet as this can cause muscle loss and your metabolic rate starts to decline. It’s important to control your diet, but also don’t forget about natural fat foods.
    • Don’t substitute good food with supplements. Yes, supplements are great as they give you an advantage and they provide you the nutrients you need from time to time, but they can’t be a substitute.


    • Don’t workout while over trained as this may cause injury, general fatigue, moodiness, anxiety and irritability, as well as decreased appetite and weight loss.

    Plus, for maximum success, your attitude is also important, while training should be a commitment and restraint.

    The Do’s Of Bodybuilding

    In bodybuilding it’s very easy to make mistakes and lose sight of the main principles. Here is the list with do’s to make sure you’re on the right track.



    • Allow yourself enough time to recover between workouts. This is very important as many bodybuilders believe that more is better. Actually, they endanger their health. Let your body get used to effort and your new schedule. Additionally, be sure that you watch for signs of over training. It will prevent many problems from happening.
    • Be consistent by sticking to your program. Additionally, your workout has to be done as good as possible. Every time you go to the gym, improve your workout.
    • Stick to the basic things related to bodybuilding such as chins, squats, military presses, heavy curls, dead lifts and also dumbbell presses.
    • Eat plenty of high-quality food to help your body adapt to your daily workout. Your body needs a lot of energy, so you need food. No any kind of food, only quality and natural food. Your diet should include mainly rice, pasta, oatmeal, chicken, vegetables, lean beef, tuna and other staple foods of bodybuilders.


    • Sleep at least 8 hours per night as you need time to recover. Moreover, you’ll also benefit from the natural boost of natural growth hormone that takes place during REM-sleep.


    All these DO’s are important as they are the basic of bodybuilding. Consider them if you want to avoid problems and to improve your workouts and your look. Being consistent and disciplined are few of the main qualities you need. If not, you won’t have the right results and you’ll end up being disappointed by yourself.

    The Basic Things On Diet If You Want To Build Muscle

    If you practice bodybuilding, it’s very important to be careful with what you eat. The right bodybuilding diet is essential for producing the gains your workouts stimulate. Nonetheless, keep in mind that is not so complicated to find the right diet. All you need is some knowledge and discipline. The basics are:

    The big 3 are:

    • proteins
    • carbohydrates
    • fats

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      You find proteins in:

    • fish
    • meats
    • eggs
    • soy
    • cheese
    • cottage cheese
    • Carbohydrates are found in:

    • vegetables
    • cereals
    • grains
    • juices
    • fruits
    • Fats are found in:

    • olive oil
    • margarine
    • cooking oils
    • nuts
    • Proteins are very important as they are used to repair tissues broken down during a day, a process that is called protein turnover. When you do your workouts, this protein turnover increases. Taking this into consideration, you should eat a lot of proteins, but don’t do that so fast. The best thing is to find out the amount of proteins your body needs in order to optimally build your muscles.


      The best protein sources are found in lean meats such as chicken, turkey and fish. Additionally, there are also many other supplements on the market, but be careful what you choose. Some of them are scams and you can waste your money.
      Carbohydrates are an important part of a bodybuilding diet as they provide quick energy for your intense workouts. Keep in mind that quality carbohydrate foods are also your source for important minerals, vitamins and fiber. There are also supplements, but the best thing is to make sure your diet includes them. Carbohydrates have to be high fiber, vegetables and low calorie fruits.

      Fats are also important, fueling much of your daily activities. They also help you absorb important fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream. This keeps blood sugar levels from spiking and energy levels are constant. Plus, your body will keep on burning fat for fuel. More important is the kind of fats you eat.


      Remember that the basic thing about any diet is the ratio of the above mentioned macronutrients. The approximate amount of them is:

      Protein – 25-40% of total calories

      Fat – 15-40% of total calories

      Carbohydrates – 35-45% of total calories

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    Motivation Strategies

    If want to get in shape and look great, bodybuilding workouts are ideal. Start with simple workouts and soon you’ll look great and you’ll be healthier than ever. These workouts can be performed in the comfort of your home if you have the following:

    • motivation
    • an adjustable bench with a leg curl achievement or a leg extension
    • adjustable dumbbells
    • pulley to attach at the end of the bench to perform pull-up bar or pull-down


    Motivation Strategies

    If you find these workouts very difficult and you always postpone them, you need to motivate yourself. Finding out what motivates you will help you in your weight loss and body sculpting. Read the following strategies to motivate yourself:

    • create a bodybuilding plan
    • write down your notes about results and food
    • enter a competition
    • set a completion date
    • announce a great reward
    • place motivational quotes all over your bedroom or house
    • post your favourite bodybuilding role model on your refrigerator
    • moderate your eating and have a fat meal once a week
    • buy a new wardrobe that will fit you in two or three months
    • purchase fitness magazines
    • join a bodybuilding blog
    • read stories of people who lost weight and look great
    • read “how to” bodybuilding articles
    • while you’re having a fat meal, look at the body shape of those people who eat fat meals daily and you’ll see the difference
    • hang around with friends
    • try to surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle


    Family Can Also Motivate You

    You can also motivate yourself by thinking about your family history. Look back on your grandparents or your great grandparents and you’ll see that there were many illnesses in your family. Your family tree can tell you many important things. You’ll know what to do to prevent different diseases. Fortunately, workouts are a great method for this purpose.


    Your family’s future is an important element that can motivate you when you get into bodybuilding. Even if you don’t have already children, eventually you’ll have or you have relatives who will. These kids will look up to you as their role model, so what you do influences their lives. You can inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle when they’ll be older.


    Additionally, when getting into bodybuilding, you should stay in touch with your doctor twice a year or every three months. Check-ups are important because you’ll know if there’s something wrong with your body and thus,  you can start the treatment. Follow these tips and you’ll notice that you don’t give up to bodybuilding workouts even after the initial enthusiasm fades. Plus, you’ll look great and  will have a lot of energy.

    What You Should Not Eat And Drink After 8 PM

    If you dream to achieve the body of a classic bodybuilder of the golden era, you need to pay a lot of attention to your diet. And this means you cannot cheat; you have to eat healthy and during some established hours, otherwise you may ruin your plan. The menu you can have is varied to make sure you have a good intake of vitamins and minerals besides all the nutrients your body needs. But there are a few diet blunders you need to avoid in the evening, because these foods and drinks are simply not OK to be consumed by a bodybuilder before going to sleep.



    Milk is one of the best sources of protein and calcium, but beware, because this delicious liquid also contains lactose, which is a sugar. And sugar is exactly what you need to avoid before going to bed. If you are in the mood for milk, drink instead a lactose-free protein shake that will help you build muscle even during your sleep.



    It is very indicated to consume as many vegetables as possible through your diet, but never celery before sleep. Muscles grow during your sleep and you need to rest. However, celery is a diuretic and it will make you wake up a lot with the need of going to the bathroom. Instead of celery, you can eat some broccoli.



    Meat is a source of protein, but protein needs a lot of energy to be digested. This means you may stay wide awake all night long because of the digestion process. And if you are committed to bodybuilding, you are surely aware how important a good night sleep is. Replace the big steak from dinner with up to 50 grams of turkey meat.

    Fruit Juice


    Fruit juice is indeed delicious, but it is very acidic and you may have heart burns. More than this, juice has a lot of sugar in it. You can replace the glass of fresh fruit juice with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with a few fresh berries.



    Chocolate is high in sugar and fat, we’re sure you already know this. Unfortunately it also contains caffeine, a stimulant you need to avoid before going to bed, because it may cause you insomnia. Leave the chocolate aside and choose to drink a glass of water instead to make you forget about your craving.

    If you desire to become a bodybuilder, you need to listen to our advice. Choose the best for your body and you will reach your goal without any problems.

    Bodybuilding Keys

    There are several keys that you have to consider in bodybuilding, especially if you are looking to have the best results of them all. Here are the main things that you should be concerned with if you are thinking of starting a bodybuilding routine, that you also have to keep in mind throughout the process and after it!


    Diet is an essential. There is no bodily transformation that you can opt for without the help of a diet. You have to think about all the types of foods that you generally eat and which ones are actually good for you and which are not!


    Sleep is also a key factor. Not getting enough rest gets you nowhere in general. You can add to that the stress and to the tiredness of the workouts and you will understand why you simply have to take your time to rest!


    Stretching or worming up before the trainings is important. You are looking to train and to become better in shape, not to ruin yourself for good.


    Training should be planned and sticked to. This means that you should get informed on the way in which you can build muscle mass progressively and you should conform to the chosen plan entirely.


    Water is a great part of the plan. It refers to the fact that in addition to great parts of the plan, such as diet and training, you also have to hydrate properly, if you want to get anywhere.


    Supplements are useful for all bodybuilders. Here, we refer to natural supplements and not to noxious ones that give you an unnatural growth. Taking these will help you sustain the effort a lot better.


    Tracking is for those actually looking to get real results. If you want to find out if you are improving properly, simply looking in the mirror is not enough. Keep count of the variables of your body from time to time to check your evolution.


    With these keys in mind, you are bound to achieve the results you were looking for from the start. Training, dieting and everything else will combine in the most suitable way together and will lead to a perfect bodybuilding experience.

    Five Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes To Avoid

    Bodybuilding is not something you will easily achieve overnight. Building muscles is a complex, long lasting process that will require a lot of work and determination. Building muscles takes time, patience, but also training and a proper nutrition.

    Bodybuilding diet errors are quite common and they can have serious negative consequences. Sometimes people even fail to acknowledge that they are making diet mistakes. These errors can easily cause muscle loss and increase fat gain. This is the main reason why avoiding such diet mistakes is so important.


    Here you can find a top five of the most common diet mistakes made by bodybuilders.

    1. Being impatient

    Despite what you may initially imagine, the most common mistake bodybuilders make when holding is a diet is being impatient. Regardless of the type of diet you are holding, the desired effects cannot be felt overnight. It is important to keep in mind that in average it takes 21 days for your body to adapt to any dietary change.


    2. Random eating

    Random eating is a huge mistake, but unfortunately a very common one. Random eating works against your diet, as it does not keep a steady flow of nutrients moving through your body. The consequence will be that instead of building muscles you will gain bodyfat. Bodyfat can only be eliminated if you plan your meals and stick to your eating schedule.


    3. Overeating

    Overeating is also a common mistake that bodybuilders make. More calories do not mean more muscles. Actually, excess calories will not be absorbed by your body, but stored as fat. Keeping a balance of your calorie intake, eating good and healthy is a must at all time. Overeating is unacceptable if you are willing to model your body.


    4. Failure to count calories

    Eating without counting the number of calories contained by each meal is a huge mistake. This will easily lead to overeating, but it may also cause under-eating. To build muscles you need to keep accurate records of food consumption.


    5. Absence of diet variety

    Eating the same thing everyday is not only boring, but it will also make holding a diet very difficult if not actually impossible. If you eat chicken breasts each day you are making a great choice for your muscle building process, but in a couple of weeks you will most likely not be able to stand this food anymore. This is why diet variety is important. A bodybuilding diet has to be healthy, but it should also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, so include all the foods you are allowed to eat into your diet.


    Making big changes at once is also a mistake that many people make when it comes to bodybuilding. If you want to change your diet or your lifestyle, make sure to do it gradually for your body to not perceive the shock. Eating only healthy foods and exercising regularly is very important for natural bodybuilding, as well.

    The New Sports Drink: Green Tea Quenches the Athlete in All of Us

    A day in the life of any athlete looks something like this: exercise, training, eating right and staying fit. With calorie-rich, sugar-infused, flavor-injected sports drinks lining the sidelines and dugouts, athletes are constantly looking to quench their big league thirsts. Green tea has emerged as a unique way to take care of those late game droughts. Full of powerful antioxidants and all natural ingredients, green tea provides an energy boost to even the most energy-drained athletes.

    Caffeine: A Boost of Energy

    An 8-oz cup of green tea holds about 24-40 mg of caffeine, as seen on It is said that some of the active ingredients found in green tea aid in athletic endurance, allowing them to train harder or workout longer. reports that caffeine consumption can improve single-sprint performance and increases adrenaline release, all while reducing the feeling of fatigue. The caffeine found in tea will also provide relief from tension headaches which will come in handy as the clock winds down in the big game.

    Acne Prone

    For those athletes who suffer from acne breakouts, save those loose tea leaves—they make for the perfect exfoliant. Take it a step further and make a green tea mask, which will leave your skin smooth, bright and ready for game time. All you need is an egg, honey, lemon juice and green tea powder. Stir ingredients together to form a thick paste. Cleanse your skin with mild soap prior to applying the mask. Let it set for 15 minutes, then wipe of with damp washcloth.

    Healthy Heart

    Green tea is proven to help fight high blood pressure, heart disease, as well as lowering cholesterol and prevents diabetes. Flavanoid, also found in dark chocolate, wine, and grapes, is a powerful antioxidant in green tea and it protects the lining around the heart. It also offers short-term improvement in your arteries—and good arteries make for a great athlete. Green tea protects the arteries by keeping them flexible and relaxed.

    Antioxidants: A Powerful Thing

    Antioxidants found in green tea help flush out toxins from your body. Those toxins attack healthy particles in your body, causing cell mutation, which leaves you more at risk for cancer and other illnesses. By drinking just three cups of tea daily, an athlete lowers his risk of cancer significantly.

    According to the National Cancer Institute, men who drank green tea three times a day for a year were less likely to get prostate cancer than men who didn’t. The same goes for women, women who drank green tea three times a day were less likely to get breast cancer than women who didn’t drink it at all.

    Antioxidants also help with muscle recovery. This is huge for athletes who suffer from muscle fatigue and soreness. The natural antioxidants help speed up the process of muscle recovery while making limbs feel invigorated and refreshed. We’re not saying that green tea will cure soreness altogether, but it will cut down the recovery time significantly.

    Published by guest author: Marc Shelton Marc is a health and wellness expert and uses his knowledge of the field to freelance for articles and blogs. He hates treadmills.