Bodybuilding Dont’s

It’s easy to lose sight of the most important rules in bodybuilding. Thus, you may not have the results you want. This is why you have to know all the dont’s related to this field that will help you stay on the track:

  • Don’t get stuck in a rut. It means that you have to make progress, not stick to a single program.
  • Don’t lift excessive weights. This thing is not productive at all and it won’t lead to favorable results. Additionally, it doesn’t permit a total control performance of the exercise and lifting weights can also lead to joint pain, ligament, muscle or tendon tear.


  • Don’t work your muscles excessively when you begin training because it will definitely be overwhelming. You have to take it easily and then slowly you can increase your intensity.
  • Don’t use momentum for any type of exercise. In other words, you should use your muscles in order to lift weights instead of using a swinging movement. In this case, as well, don’t try weight far greater than you can handle. The best thing you should do is to find the right weight and use it during a full range of motions.


  • Don’t forget to stretch, but only frequently. It will help you stay supple and increase your muscle mass. There are also other benefits such as preventing injuries, improving posture and performance, decreasing anxiety and keeping the body loose and agile.
  • Don’t bench press alone. Instead, you should have the spotter help you lift the bar and to a position that is directly over your chest. Moreover, you should lower the weight to your chest and then press it back up to arm’s length again.
  • Don’t neglect body parts as it’s important to have a generally fit body.
  • Don’t overdiet as this can cause muscle loss and your metabolic rate starts to decline. It’s important to control your diet, but also don’t forget about natural fat foods.
  • Don’t substitute good food with supplements. Yes, supplements are great as they give you an advantage and they provide you the nutrients you need from time to time, but they can’t be a substitute.


  • Don’t workout while over trained as this may cause injury, general fatigue, moodiness, anxiety and irritability, as well as decreased appetite and weight loss.

Plus, for maximum success, your attitude is also important, while training should be a commitment and restraint.