Bodybuilding Mistakes

Bodybuilders deserve all the appreciation for their ambition and efforts, but even they can make mistakes. It seems that bodybuilders around the world make the same mistakes and one reason is their ego. This can be a good thing, but it can also set common sense aside.


Another reason why bodybuilders make mistakes is misinformation, so the confusion is complete and many people injure themselves. The second reason is believing the myths such that cardio is superior to weight training when it comes to getting in shape and many other things like that.


There are also some things you should consider to avoid mistakes such as:

  • remember that a caliper and the mirror and your judge, not the scale
  • it’s muscle stimulation that causes growth, not the weight itself
  • not resting enough is also something you should avoid as you grow while resting, not while working out
  • don’t change your program and during each workout, be sure you alter the number of sets, exercises, reps, rep speed and many others
  • eat well during the day before the workout, especially carbs, which are your source of energy; you can find them in rice, pasta or potatoes

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    In case you aren’t sure about what you’ll do, ask a friend of yours who is a bodybuilder for a long time. Or, ask a bodybuilding trainer more details. The pieces of advice they’ll give you will help you a lot from preventing a lot of problems. By preventing them, you’ll look fabulous and your muscle mass will increase very much.