Ric Drasin On Success In Life

Bodybuilding is more than a sport and a way of having a strong body. Bodybuilding involves discipline, work, ambition and also a certain way of seeing life, people and even yourself.


Bodybuilding tests your limits and also your attitudes about life, success and about yourself. It brings you to a a new level of perception and understanding, resulting in making you more mature.


Watch a video with Ric Drasin in which he tells about how he managed to become so successful. Learn about new ways of thinking about money, success, getting mature and also about your passions:

Ric Drasin And Vince Adams On Steroids And Natural Training

This time Ric Drasin and his guest Vince Adams talk about steroids and natural training. You’ll also find many things about the ffects of steroids on your hormones and what you should do at different ages.


Additionally, there are a few tips related to nutrition and training, so sit back and pay attention to the following video.


You’ll learn a lot of new things about overtraining, biceps, chest, training at an older age and when you’re young.

What Works Better: Light Or Heavy Training?

Today we continue with Ric Drasin, but this time he speaks about what is best: to train heavy or light? Many bodybuilders believe that excessive workouts and heavy weights will make them look strong, but is it really so?


Ric Drasin explains the differences and tells you a lot from his personal experience. He also adds that diet is very important. Nonetheless, Drasin also advices bodybuilders that workouts and diets are not and shouldn’t even be the same for everyone.


He just gives some tips, but bodybuilders should vary them in order to find the things that are suitable for them. It’s just like when you’re going to the doctor who gives a different treatment to each of his patients who suffer from various disorders.


Watch the video and find out precious tips from Ric Drasin:

Passion For Bodybuilding

Passion for what you do is essential in order to achieve great results. It also applies to bodybuilding. If you have passion for bodybuilding, it will be a delight for you, not a burden. Obviously, there will be though days and moments, but if you are passionate about bodybuilding, you’ll overcome difficulties. You’ll be able to start things again and be sure that results will be more than satisfactory.


Aside from passion for bodybuilding you also need discipline, self-confidence and ambition. Nonetheless, these are useless if you don’t love bodybuilding and get involved. All those great bodybuilders and champions had difficult times when they wanted to give up, but their passion for bodybuilding made them change their mind and work even harder than they used to do.


Watch the next video and you’ll convince yourself that all these bodybuilders could not succeed without passion for what they like to do:

Biceps And Muscle Building

Learn how to maximize your muscle strength and blast your biceps! Biceps without vascularity and details is definitely something you don’t want as a bodybuilder. Watch the video about biceps and learn how to keep them loaded and good looking.


From the other video, you’ll find out more about lunges, push-ups and pull-ups, exercises that will help you have the physique of a great bodybuilder. Watch the videos and you’ll learn a lot of things from bodybuilding experts and trainers, so the information is reliable, accurate and easy to understand.


Learn more by watching these videos:

How To Train Your Body To Gain Mass

Bodybuilding is an amazing sport that involves a strict diet, workouts and also a lot of discipline. Building muscle mass is also one of the most important elements of this sport. You have to know a lot of things such as what types of workouts you need, how often, what diet is the best for growing bigger and stronger.

The next video will help you accomplish the best results and look great. Pay attention to the following video and if it’s necessary, watch it even twice to understand what you have to do to look as a professional bodybuilder:

Tips From Phil Heath – World Bodybuilding Champion

Those experienced bodybuilders already know all the things they should do or not but the young ones still need guidance from someone experienced. Phil Heath is perfect for this as he is was World Bodybuilding Champion. He explains very easy and precisely a few key principles of bodybuilding for the less experienced bodybuilders.

Patience, knowing very well how you want to build your body, as well as ambition are the main tips he provides. Watch the video and learn more:

You Can Also Have A Physique Like That

Bodybuilding is a great sport, but also a healthy lifestyle. If you’re planning to become a bodybuilder or you’re already on the way of that, there are some general rules you should be aware of. Firstly, you need to be self-confident, to be sure that you like bodybuilding, to be a very disciplined person. Secondly, follow a strict diet and workout everyday.

For many men, this may be overwhelming, but remember that if you really like bodybuilding, all these won’t be a burden for you. Therefore, you have to be sure that bodybuilding is the best choice for you. Additionally, your body will look amazing, the same or at least similar with the Asian bodybuilder Yang Yeon Seok. Watch the following video to have a better idea of how a bodybuilding workout looks:

Instructions For Great Bodybuilding Training Routines

There are two main weight training routines: body sculpting and bodybuilding routines. The first type is used by the group who wants to stay fit and lose body fat. This can be achieved by adding some muscle and losing body fat. This lasts pretty much and the challenge is to reach a 13-16% body fat range for a woman and between 8-10% for a man.


The second type is called bodybuilding training. For bodybuilders, the main purpose is to add as many pounds of muscle as possible while their fat levels have to reach approximately 8-10% fat level.

Rules for good bodybuilding weight training routines:

• It has to be short (45-75 minutes maximum, 60 being best)
• The rest between sets should be kept to a minimum (90 seconds or even less)
• The sets should be between 8-15 repetitions for muscle mass gains and 15-25 repetitions for body sculpting purposes
• Training must be cycled and varied


Rules for training for bodysculpting:

• Perform 20-40 minutes of aerobic exercise 3-4 times per week in the morning on an empty stomach
• Conduct 3-4 weight training sessions of 30 to 60 minutes per week utilizing basic exercises such as chin-ups, squats and bench press


These rules are easy to follow and the results will be great. Not only that you’ll look great, but you’ll also be able to add muscle mass.

Classic And Modern Bodybuilding

Classic bodybuilding brings back many images, from 19th century muscle men. The unoffficial era lasted about a century, but is very different from the modern form of bodybuilding that has exploited since the 1980s. Commercialisation and science made bodybuilding turn from a fringe novelty into a multi-billion dollar, international industry.


The main difference between modern and classic bodybuilding is related to aesthetics. Those old photos remind us of large and very strong men, but the muscle definition is different from the modern athlete.

Classic bodybuilders were characterised by huge weights that they were able to lift, but also for mammoth intake of foods, so they were very different from what modern nutritionists would recommend.


Classic bodybuilders diet included red meat, a lot of eggs and also high-cholesterol foods. Today, bodybuilding promotes lean protein, such as chicken and fish, as well as a balanced approach involving a large proportion of vegetables and fruits.
Additionally, modern bodybuilders are more informed and know exactly what is going on in their bodies.

Nutritional supplements are also an important element of the modern bodybuilding. In the past, bodybuilders believed that only workout regimens and diet would increase their muscle mass.


Today diets are also supplemented with protein shakes, multi-vitamins and also illicit substances such as anabolic steroids and human growth hormones to achieve the results that bodybuilders couldn’t dream in the era of classic bodybuilding.