The Grand Bahama Bodybuilding Championships to Be Held This Week

While waiting for the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s 40th Independence Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships, 18 competitors are expected to travel to compete in the prestigious Grand Bahama Bodybuilding Championships which will be held this week.


After Danny Summer, President of the Bahamas Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, announced in February that Grand Bahama will be home to the National Bodybuilding Championships for the first time in 40 years, he now promises quite a show.

This show is going to be very big”, says Summer, who will head the delegation going to the championships. “We are expecting a lot of the top bodybuilders to be competing in the championships before they compete in the National Championships”, he added.

Classic bodybuilders expected to appear at the Grand Bahama include Lorraine LaFleur, David Fenton, Charles Reckley, Anna Greene, Jonathan and Nicole Richardson, Jamal Hamilton, Juliette Rolle, Tio Pyfrom, David Charlton, Donita Fry, Jimmy Norius, Lucus Leader, and Dorrinton Rolle, who have already made their mark in a few competitions throughout the United States.


Norius, for instance, is the defending men’s national champion, and Grand Bahamian Tameka Stubbs is the defending champion in women. She also went on to win the lightweight gold medal at the Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships in Puerto Rico, where the Bahamas finished fourth. Norius picked up a bronze medal in the lightweight division.

Another awaited participant at the event is Johnnie Jackson, an American IFBB professional bodybuilder and powerlifter who is sometimes referred to as “the world’s strongest bodybuilder”. He will be a guest poser at the championships, which last year was combined with the national championships.

This year, they are having their own Grand Bahama Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships and right after them, the federation will be putting on the National Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships here on July 13 at the National Center for the Performing Arts”, said Summer.


In total, we are expecting to see between 30-40 competitors competing in Grand Bahama this weekend. From all indications that we are receiving, it’s going to be very big. The organization committee over there, led by its president Rob Harris, is doing a tremendous job in getting the show off the ground.”, added the federation president.

According to him, the National Championships will crown the Mr and Ms Bahamas champions and will be used to choose the national team that is expected to represent the Bahamas at the 2013 Central American and Caribbean Bodybuilding Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which are scheduled September 19-23. “The team will be picked based on the overall performances of each athlete”, mentioned Summer.

The Grand Bahama Bodybuilding Championships this year will be held on Friday, July 5, at the Regency Theater, the performing arts hub of the northern Bahamas.

Mr. Olympia – The Ultimate Bodybuilding Title

Mr. Olympia is the title given to the winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding competition at Joe Welder’s Olympia Weekend. The competition is held every year by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) and gathers professional bodybuilders from all around the world, all aiming to win the supreme title. Joe Welder created the contest in order to enable the Mr. Universe winners to continue competing and earning money. The winner of the competition is also awarded with the Sandow trophy.


The first Mr. Olympia contest was held on September 18, 1965 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York City. The winner of the first edition was Larry Scott, who was also the winner of the following edition. Even though it is held for nearly 50 years now, there have been only 12 different winners crowded Mr. Olympia in the competition’s history.

The record number of wins is eight. Two bodybuilders managed to receive the trophy eight times each: Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman. However, perhaps the most well-known Mr. Olympia winner is Arnold Schwarzenegger. This classic bodybuilder actually got his start in the film industry as a result of starring in a 1977 documentary about the Mr. Olympia contest. The documentary was called Pumping Iron.


In the very first competition that Arnold participated in, he only finished in second place. He then went on to win every following year in which he entered, which happened from 1970 through 1975. After that, he retired from bodybuilding until 1980, when he was a late entry into the contest – contest which he managed to win yet again. The film actor then turned to politics and eventually became the governor of the US state of California.

In order to enter Joe Welder’s Olympia Weekend, there are certain requirements that bodybuilders must meet. Originally, only men who had previously won the Mr. Universe title could compete to become Mr. Olympia. Now, one can qualify if he is a top finalist in another respected competition of the kind. In 2011, Chairman of the IFBB Professional League, Jim Manion, amended the qualifying conditions as follows:

  • top four in each division at the Olympia;
  • top three in each division at the Arnold Classic/International;
  • top two in each division at the New York Pro;
  • first place at all other competitions, even the Amateurs World Championship Competition.

The top four in each division at the 2011 Olympia will qualify for the 2012 Olympia. The remaining competitors will not be affected. The current holder of the Mr. Olympia title is Phil Heath, who won both the 2011 and 2012 editions.

Winners of the Mr. Olympia title often share similar physical features and aesthetic qualities. Typically, they have large muscles. Those muscles are clearly defined through the skin, being also correct in shape and size. However, size may be relative to the proportion of one’s body. Another common feature among winners is symmetry. This means that any muscle in the left leg must match in size and shape to the corresponding muscle in the right leg, for instance.


The competition has opened another title called Mr. Olympia 202, where bodybuilders that weigh less than 202 pounds (91.8 kg) can enter. There is also an equivalent title for women, called – obviously – Ms. Olympia.

Often referred to as the most prestigious bodybuilding competition in the world, Mr. Olympia is surely the dream of all classic bodybuilders.

Ric And Robby On Chest Workout

Ric Drasin and Robby Robinson discuss about the best techniques for chest workout. Robby Robinson is an expert and he shows you the way he trains in order to have a wonderful chest. There are some very useful workouts recommended by Robby and he also talks about diet, which is again very important.


Ric and Robby show you some tricks and explain many useful things that will help you have the body of a God. Watch this instructional video with Ric and Robby, two amazing legends of bodybuilding:

Ric Drasin Talks About Training For Maximum Results

Ric Drasin tells us about training for great results in the Golden Era style. You’ll learn useful things about how to train your chest, biceps, back. Watch the video and find out when training is too much and harmful for your body.


Stay in touch with precious information and learn how to gain muscle with fat loss in an easy and natural way, without side-effects and without steroids that could harm you. Ric Drasin is a famous wrestler, actor and show host, but also a bodybuilding legend of the Golden Era.


Watch the video and pay attention to the useful things that Drasin explains:

Ric Drasin And Leroy Colbert On Nutrition

This time, Ric Drasin interviews Leroy Colbert, a bodybuilding legend. Ric and Leroy discuss about nutrition for bodybuilding. Leroy talks about what he ate when he was young and did workouts.


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From this video you’ll also find out new things about supplements and their benefits or disadvantages. Here is the video with Ric Drasin and Leroy Colbert:

Ric Drasin On A Week In The Golden Era

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Additionally, they didn’t even eat food containing a lot of carbs. But how they managed to look spectacular and stay healthy? Perhaps one of the reasons is that bodybuilding it wasn’t just a sport for them, but their lifestyle and even a job.


You’ll also have the opportunity to find out how it was a week in the life of a bodybuilder from the Golden Era. After watching this video, you’ll understand a lot of things and bodybuilding rules. Try them and you may discover that they have a great effect on your body and lifestyle.


Ric Drasin discusses about his lifestyle, diet and training as a bodybuilder. He explains everything in a simple and easy to understand way, including a few principles that will guide today’s bodybuilders. Watch the video and you’ll definitely learn a lot of useful things that you can also do:

Ric Drasin And Robby Robinson On Nutrition In The Golden Era

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Ric Drasin On Bodybuilding Diet Of The 70’s

Many still believe that bodybuilders from several years ago looked much better today ones, but how they managed that? The answer is: diet. Although at that time weren’t so many supplements, bodybuilders looked great.


Ric Drasin is a former bodybuilder, professional wrestler, personal trainer. He is also an actor, artist, stuntman and webcast host. He is very appreciated and trusted for the pieces of advice he provides, so if you want to know more about bodybuilding diet of the 70’s, watch the video at the end of this article.


In case you have tried a modern bodybuilding diet, but without results, you can try one from the 70’s. It may great effects upon your body and you’ll look great, so you should try it. Diet from that period of time were simple, so you have the opportunity to look amazing without complicating your life.


Videos That Motivate You

Classic bodybuilding is an extraordinary sport. It involves a strict and healthy diet, daily workouts, a healthy lifestyle, discipline, a confident attitude, but also motivation. Without motivation, you won’t experience great results at all. All those famous classic bodybuuilders you know could not have the same results without the proper motivation. Thus, it means that you really have to like this sport a lot.

Watch a video about motivation and the efforts and discipline this sport involves:

Here are some of the legends of bodybuilding. You can also look as them if you’ll be ambitious, motivated and also disciplined:

The following video will take you into the life of many classic bodybuilders. Although it has been a while, they’ll still remain famous and appreciated for the great results they had at that time. At the same time, they were and will remain a role model for other bodybuilders, so watch this very interesting video:

What It Means To Look As A Classic Bodybuilder

To look exactly as a classic bodybuilder, then you’ve got to train as one. Having a classic bodybuilding physique involves symmetry, proportion and balance. The key to a classic physique are the following principles:

  • Be balanced
  • Carve in detail
  • Keep a small and chiseled waist
  • Add variety
  • Put in the time


If you don’t know very well how it should look the body of a classic bodybuilder, read the following instructions:
1. All muscle groups are in perfect proportion with each bodypart detracting from the whole.

2. Wide delts, small waist and flaring quads for a great silhouette from front and back.

3. Fine details highlight smaller muscle groups to add overall flow and impact of physique.

4. Major muscles and tie-ins between muscle groups show deep separation.


Remember that classic bodybuilding means that size is not very important, but means being balanced. The midsection is the centerpiece of your entire physique, so pay attention to it.

Related to classic training, it means:

  • splitting your workouts in two parts: morning and afternoon/evening in order to have energy to train all the parts of your body
  • training abs every other day to have a tight midsection which is required for a classic physique
  • rest one or two days at the end of every four-day cycle as this will refresh your body and mind


Here you have a brief guide that can help you a lot:
DAY 1 Quads (AM); hamstrings (PM)
DAY 2 Chest (AM); abs and calves (PM)
DAY 3 Back (AM); weak bodypart focus (PM)
DAY 4 Shoulders (AM); arms, abs and calves (PM)
DAY 5 Rest