How To Become A Professional Bodybuilder

Bodybuilding is a challenging, but also interesting field. This sport became popular in the 1970s and has become an equal opportunity sport. There are also even many female body builders, so this sport is very popular. The most important and the largest body of professional bodybuilding is the International Federation of Body Builders based in Montreal, Canada.


If you want to become a professional bodybuilder, there are a few instructions you have to consider such as:

1. Find your source of inspiration o achive a great and perfect toned body. You can use oils to emphasize the appearance of your physique.

2. Work out and practice bodubuilding stances. Ask experts or others to find out more and be sure that you’re doing the right thing.


3. You have to maintain a healthy and strict diet and avoid pills. There are some bodybuilders who use mixed powders in their beverages, but results always vary depending on each individual.

4. Start to compete in amateur events until you’ll be eligible to participate in professional competitions.

5. Now you can compete in bodybuilding events and you can start this locally and then you can travel far.

6. Endorsing products is a successful technique that will increase your fame. You can endorse dietary supplements and weight training equipment. From this activity you’ll also learn a lot of useful things, even more than competing in events.


Additionally, you should stay in touch with everything is new in this field by reading fitness and bodybuilding publications. Plus, don’t use steroids or other banned substances that can also affect your health. Follow the above instructions and you’ll be amazed by what great results you’ll have.

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Motivation Strategies

If want to get in shape and look great, bodybuilding workouts are ideal. Start with simple workouts and soon you’ll look great and you’ll be healthier than ever. These workouts can be performed in the comfort of your home if you have the following:

  • motivation
  • an adjustable bench with a leg curl achievement or a leg extension
  • adjustable dumbbells
  • pulley to attach at the end of the bench to perform pull-up bar or pull-down


Motivation Strategies

If you find these workouts very difficult and you always postpone them, you need to motivate yourself. Finding out what motivates you will help you in your weight loss and body sculpting. Read the following strategies to motivate yourself:

  • create a bodybuilding plan
  • write down your notes about results and food
  • enter a competition
  • set a completion date
  • announce a great reward
  • place motivational quotes all over your bedroom or house
  • post your favourite bodybuilding role model on your refrigerator
  • moderate your eating and have a fat meal once a week
  • buy a new wardrobe that will fit you in two or three months
  • purchase fitness magazines
  • join a bodybuilding blog
  • read stories of people who lost weight and look great
  • read “how to” bodybuilding articles
  • while you’re having a fat meal, look at the body shape of those people who eat fat meals daily and you’ll see the difference
  • hang around with friends
  • try to surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle


Family Can Also Motivate You

You can also motivate yourself by thinking about your family history. Look back on your grandparents or your great grandparents and you’ll see that there were many illnesses in your family. Your family tree can tell you many important things. You’ll know what to do to prevent different diseases. Fortunately, workouts are a great method for this purpose.


Your family’s future is an important element that can motivate you when you get into bodybuilding. Even if you don’t have already children, eventually you’ll have or you have relatives who will. These kids will look up to you as their role model, so what you do influences their lives. You can inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle when they’ll be older.


Additionally, when getting into bodybuilding, you should stay in touch with your doctor twice a year or every three months. Check-ups are important because you’ll know if there’s something wrong with your body and thus,  you can start the treatment. Follow these tips and you’ll notice that you don’t give up to bodybuilding workouts even after the initial enthusiasm fades. Plus, you’ll look great and  will have a lot of energy.

Bodybuilding Keys

There are several keys that you have to consider in bodybuilding, especially if you are looking to have the best results of them all. Here are the main things that you should be concerned with if you are thinking of starting a bodybuilding routine, that you also have to keep in mind throughout the process and after it!


Diet is an essential. There is no bodily transformation that you can opt for without the help of a diet. You have to think about all the types of foods that you generally eat and which ones are actually good for you and which are not!


Sleep is also a key factor. Not getting enough rest gets you nowhere in general. You can add to that the stress and to the tiredness of the workouts and you will understand why you simply have to take your time to rest!


Stretching or worming up before the trainings is important. You are looking to train and to become better in shape, not to ruin yourself for good.


Training should be planned and sticked to. This means that you should get informed on the way in which you can build muscle mass progressively and you should conform to the chosen plan entirely.


Water is a great part of the plan. It refers to the fact that in addition to great parts of the plan, such as diet and training, you also have to hydrate properly, if you want to get anywhere.


Supplements are useful for all bodybuilders. Here, we refer to natural supplements and not to noxious ones that give you an unnatural growth. Taking these will help you sustain the effort a lot better.


Tracking is for those actually looking to get real results. If you want to find out if you are improving properly, simply looking in the mirror is not enough. Keep count of the variables of your body from time to time to check your evolution.


With these keys in mind, you are bound to achieve the results you were looking for from the start. Training, dieting and everything else will combine in the most suitable way together and will lead to a perfect bodybuilding experience.

Five Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes To Avoid

Bodybuilding is not something you will easily achieve overnight. Building muscles is a complex, long lasting process that will require a lot of work and determination. Building muscles takes time, patience, but also training and a proper nutrition.

Bodybuilding diet errors are quite common and they can have serious negative consequences. Sometimes people even fail to acknowledge that they are making diet mistakes. These errors can easily cause muscle loss and increase fat gain. This is the main reason why avoiding such diet mistakes is so important.


Here you can find a top five of the most common diet mistakes made by bodybuilders.

1. Being impatient

Despite what you may initially imagine, the most common mistake bodybuilders make when holding is a diet is being impatient. Regardless of the type of diet you are holding, the desired effects cannot be felt overnight. It is important to keep in mind that in average it takes 21 days for your body to adapt to any dietary change.


2. Random eating

Random eating is a huge mistake, but unfortunately a very common one. Random eating works against your diet, as it does not keep a steady flow of nutrients moving through your body. The consequence will be that instead of building muscles you will gain bodyfat. Bodyfat can only be eliminated if you plan your meals and stick to your eating schedule.


3. Overeating

Overeating is also a common mistake that bodybuilders make. More calories do not mean more muscles. Actually, excess calories will not be absorbed by your body, but stored as fat. Keeping a balance of your calorie intake, eating good and healthy is a must at all time. Overeating is unacceptable if you are willing to model your body.


4. Failure to count calories

Eating without counting the number of calories contained by each meal is a huge mistake. This will easily lead to overeating, but it may also cause under-eating. To build muscles you need to keep accurate records of food consumption.


5. Absence of diet variety

Eating the same thing everyday is not only boring, but it will also make holding a diet very difficult if not actually impossible. If you eat chicken breasts each day you are making a great choice for your muscle building process, but in a couple of weeks you will most likely not be able to stand this food anymore. This is why diet variety is important. A bodybuilding diet has to be healthy, but it should also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, so include all the foods you are allowed to eat into your diet.


Making big changes at once is also a mistake that many people make when it comes to bodybuilding. If you want to change your diet or your lifestyle, make sure to do it gradually for your body to not perceive the shock. Eating only healthy foods and exercising regularly is very important for natural bodybuilding, as well.

Vintage Bodybuilding Videos

Before the era of hormones and steroids, men actually worked a lot to achieve beautiful bodies. If you are curious to see how they trained and how competitions took place, you can check the next videos. Of course, you need to be realistic and aware of the fact that bodybuilding today is not the same and it’s normal to take certain substance that will help you develop your body. You can even buy online many of them to use in your personal bodybuilding process. And to understand better how it all works, you should also read and learn everything you need to know about bodybuilding in our era.

However, the men you need to look up to are those that experienced classic bodybuilding, about which you can find out more in these wonderful vintage videos that you can check right on this page.

This is with the 6 Baillargeon brothers: Adrien, Antonio, Charles, Jean, Lionel and Paul.

The father of bodybuilding – Eugen Sandow – can be admired in this video from 1895 filmed while he put his muscles on display for the audience during a show.

Junior Ocasio is another classic bodybuilder who had a wonderful career in the mid 20 century. In this video you can admire him posing on the beach.

If you are curious to see Danny Padilla posing in the gym, you can do it in the next video.

Don Howorth is considered to be the man with some of the best shoulders ever. You can admire him in this sequence from a movie made in the 1960s.

These videos are amazing, showing classic bodybuilders that worked a lot to achieve their beautiful bodies. If you want to resemble them, you will need a lot of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but the results you will have will be impressive.

The Main Workouts Of The Classic Bodybuilders

The classic bodybuilders era was very different from what it happens today in this field. A lot of things have changed since that time when this sport was very famous and when those men of iron inspired a lot of people. The main actors from many films were also bodybuilders, so this sport was an amazing trend. Throughout time, it changed gradually, but one of the early muscles pioneers are Eugene Sandow and Charles Atlas. Between the 40’s and the 50’s, the most popular bodybuilders were Vince Gironda, John Grimek, Steve Reeves, as well as Jules Bacon, George Eiferman and many others. In this period of time, many displays of strength, balance took place and an incredible look combined with weight lifting was a popular trend. The end of the era took place in the 80’s. In the 70’s, new drugs that strengthen and increase the muscular mass have been released. The element that marks the end of this era was the retirement of Lee Haney.

Although a long time has passed since that era, the workout is still very difficult and those who practice this sport have to follow a rich in proteins diet and to exercise daily.  Bodybuliders have a busy schedule, but still they don’t give up as they like this sport too much. Over the years, workout routines have evolved, but in the past, the main focus was on working the whole body during every workout. During the 60’s, bodybuilders had very high volume routines and steroids were very important, the best examples being Franco Columbu, Frank Zane and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In the early 70’s, the main trend was a low volume and workouts were intense and brief.

Since the era of classic bodybuilders, workouts have changed, current trends varying from a low volume, high intensity methods to a high volume.The new workouts are somewhere in the middle and each bodybuilder has to decide what works best for him. Going back in the past, classic bodybuilders are worldwide known and will remain a great example even if many years will pass as they inspired a lot of people and many teenagers wanted to look like them. Moreover, the films in which these incredible bodybuilders appeared were an instant success. This sport has become a very appreciated, popular and healthy lifestyle. The daily workout routine is very difficult and it may also be damaging. Bodybuilders are usually abiding people, very passionate about this sport and also very ambitious, so they deserve a lot of respect and admiration.

Classic Bodybuilders and Supplements

Many men nowadays want to approach bodybuilding, since it gives them the chance to achieve their dream figure and to have a perfect body. They take after numerous classic bodybuilders who went down in history, such as 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Lou Ferrigno, Charles Atlas and Frank Zane. These classic bodybuilders inspire numerous men who are just entering the world of bodybuilding. Despite these classic bodybuilders having such a muscular figure, achieving it without bodybuilding supplements is impossible. Natural bodybuilders are different from classic bodybuilders in the sense that they do not use performance-enhancing drugs.

Nevertheless, classic bodybuilders are considered the real bodybuilders, the ones who participate in the worldwide renown bodybuilding competitions. These competitions allow classic bodybuilders to use some kind of supplements, as they enhance their muscles and improve their athletic performance. These supplements can also be used to replace meals, promote weight loss, enhance weight gain and promote weight. The most common supplements used by classic bodybuilders are vitamin supplements, testosterone boosters, protein, essential fatty acids, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, meal replacement products, glutamine and weight loss products. Prohormones, the precursors of hormones, are also very popular among classic bodybuilders. This is not a dietary supplement, but a performance-enhancing substance. Other substances of the kind include anabolic steroids, which increase muscle hypertrophy, just like prohormones. HGH, which stands for human growth hormone, is also used by classic bodybuilders as a performance-enhancing substance.

While these supplements can have some side effects, becoming one of the classic bodybuilders is impossible without them. Naturally, all the classic bodybuilders are being administered these supplements under close watch. Taking these supplements does not mean that they do not pay attention to the diet and workout routines. Classic bodybuilders are always on strict diets, rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and undergo serious training sessions. Luckily, numerous supplements of the kind can be found and bought online. Examples include Cellucor Super Sport, MusclePharm Combat Powder, ProMera Health Con-Cret, and BPI Sports 1.M.R Powder.

Classic Bodybuilders Of The Golden Age

Classic bodybuilders will forever be role models for bodybuilding fans all around the world. They were the pillars of the industry of bodybuilding, they set certain standards and they are the leaders that everyone wants to follow. The classic bodybuilders started this incredible adventure of bodybuilding years ago, when information was not that easy to share to interested people because Internet was not invented yet, the TV and also the phone were considered a luxury and radios were the most used gadgets. So, no wonder that classic bodybuilders are appreciated and cherished by bodybuildings fans because they built up from scratch this industry and gave important information to their followers by setting great examples.

Here are some examples, from A to Z of classic bodybuilders that built the empire of this sport and were pioneers of their generations by having the courage to do something new and to teach others to do it. Louis Abele – debuted in 1940, Jules Bacon in 1943, Ernest Cadine – somewhere in the 1920’s, Larry Dee in the 50’s, Howard Eastman in the 40’s, Joe Ford in the 50’s, Claude Garand, also in the 50’s. In the 50’s debuted classic bodybuilders such as John Hague, John Incontro and Jesse James, James Kassaris, Ron Lacy, Danny Maffia, Joe Napoli, Ben Oakley, Edie Padilla, Rex Ravelle, Bart Sanders, Bill Taylor, Art Ullrich, Jim Vorus, Tom Winn, Lee Yarussi and Frank Zane. In times that for most bodybuilders today do not represent anything special, classic bodybuilders like these made history.

Sharing information with sports lovers, these great men set the basis of today’s bodybuilding. With a healthy lifestyle, classic bodybuilders like Ernest Cadine who started his career in the early 20’s or Edie Padilla, who had a great success in the 50’s gave the whole world and not just bodybuilding or sports fans an example of a healthy lifestyle and exercising routine that kept them in great shape. Never would have thought classic bodybuilders that they would be so cherished in the 2000 and they will still be examples for so many generations after them, who consider the idols of the golden age.

About Classic Bodybuilders Era

Body building has a long history that lasts until today and there are many people who participated in competitions, even women, but in a smaller number. Classic bodybuilders era was between the 40’s and the middle 80’s. At that time, it seems that having many muscles was synonym with health and beauty. Many men began to have a daily exhausting workout, to read articles about bodybuilding and to follow a hard diet, just to have bigger and stronger muscles. Classic bodybuilders were inspired by the old Greek and Roman fighters who were very powerful and had a lot of strength.

A lot of magazines about classic bodybuilders were released in those years and they were a real and a very popular trend. Some of the classic bodybuilders that were an inspiration for many men were Schwarzenegger, Zane, Park as well as others. They represented the physical strength of a man, his beauty and also masculinity. It was very interesting how the ancient portrait of men combined with the modern one. Classic bodybuilders represented a lifestyle, a certain attitude, but also many important principles, so some people would want those days to revive. There still are some classic bodybuilders that teach others this amazing art of having a great body, with so many muscles. To be a classic bodybuilder is not easy at all, you have to follow the rules, to be on the right diet and to follow it, to practice every day the exhausting workout and to wait until you will see the results of all your efforts.

It is of major importance to follow the rules in oder to look like those famous classic bodybuilders. It is risky and you have to take breaks and to eat rich in proteins and vitamins food to have the necessary energy for the efforts you will make during the workout. Classic bodybuilders represent the result of patience and of ambition as not many can do all they do and even for a  long time. Classic bodybuilders gave up to many things, spent their time to look amazing and maybe they also made other sacrifices. Classic bodybuilders will always be a great example!

Classic Bodybuilders Still Very Popular

There are many men who would like to have a body full of muscles as those of some actors, but this implies a lot of effort and a lot of time. Classic bodybuilders have an abdomen full of muscles and a big part of the fats is burnt. A lot of intense workout is needed to have a body as those of the classic bodybuilders. Classic male bodybuilders need to follow a strict diet that for many of us would be hard, but they manage to do this by a lot of ambition and passion for what they do. The same things should be followed by female classic bodybuilders, too, so it is not easy at all. In the competitions of this kind, more classic male bodybuilders participate than females.

The diet, the exercises, the motivation are all very important as the body of the classic bodybuilders will transform radically and they have to be ready for facing it. Classic bodybuilders are ambitious people who follow the everyday workout routine and spend a lot of their time in the gym, so it is an exhausting activity that requires a lot of respect for this sport to have good results. Because it is very difficult, many give up to become classic bodybuilders. To become one of the classic bodybuilders takes a very long time, but for those who like it a lot, this is not a problem.

Competitions of classic bodybuilders are very serious as they do not allow banned substances as some hormones, some plants or insulin, so all the transformations of the body are made through daily workout in the gym and with a proper diet that will provide their body with all the necessary energy. Otherwise, the classic bodybuilders would not be able to resist to the huge efforts that they do every day, their body would not be able to face all the difficult exercises. Today, we find  a lot of products for classic bodybuilders as they are very popular.  Many teenagers like to look like them, probably because women are usually more attracted by men with many developed muscles.