Classic Bodybuilders and Supplements

Many men nowadays want to approach bodybuilding, since it gives them the chance to achieve their dream figure and to have a perfect body. They take after numerous classic bodybuilders who went down in history, such as 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reg Park, Steve Reeves, Lou Ferrigno, Charles Atlas and Frank Zane. These classic bodybuilders inspire numerous men who are just entering the world of bodybuilding. Despite these classic bodybuilders having such a muscular figure, achieving it without bodybuilding supplements is impossible. Natural bodybuilders are different from classic bodybuilders in the sense that they do not use performance-enhancing drugs.

Nevertheless, classic bodybuilders are considered the real bodybuilders, the ones who participate in the worldwide renown bodybuilding competitions. These competitions allow classic bodybuilders to use some kind of supplements, as they enhance their muscles and improve their athletic performance. These supplements can also be used to replace meals, promote weight loss, enhance weight gain and promote weight. The most common supplements used by classic bodybuilders are vitamin supplements, testosterone boosters, protein, essential fatty acids, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, meal replacement products, glutamine and weight loss products. Prohormones, the precursors of hormones, are also very popular among classic bodybuilders. This is not a dietary supplement, but a performance-enhancing substance. Other substances of the kind include anabolic steroids, which increase muscle hypertrophy, just like prohormones. HGH, which stands for human growth hormone, is also used by classic bodybuilders as a performance-enhancing substance.

While these supplements can have some side effects, becoming one of the classic bodybuilders is impossible without them. Naturally, all the classic bodybuilders are being administered these supplements under close watch. Taking these supplements does not mean that they do not pay attention to the diet and workout routines. Classic bodybuilders are always on strict diets, rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and undergo serious training sessions. Luckily, numerous supplements of the kind can be found and bought online. Examples include Cellucor Super Sport, MusclePharm Combat Powder, ProMera Health Con-Cret, and BPI Sports 1.M.R Powder.

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