Classic Bodybuilders Of The Golden Age

Classic bodybuilders will forever be role models for bodybuilding fans all around the world. They were the pillars of the industry of bodybuilding, they set certain standards and they are the leaders that everyone wants to follow. The classic bodybuilders started this incredible adventure of bodybuilding years ago, when information was not that easy to share to interested people because Internet was not invented yet, the TV and also the phone were considered a luxury and radios were the most used gadgets. So, no wonder that classic bodybuilders are appreciated and cherished by bodybuildings fans because they built up from scratch this industry and gave important information to their followers by setting great examples.

Here are some examples, from A to Z of classic bodybuilders that built the empire of this sport and were pioneers of their generations by having the courage to do something new and to teach others to do it. Louis Abele – debuted in 1940, Jules Bacon in 1943, Ernest Cadine – somewhere in the 1920’s, Larry Dee in the 50’s, Howard Eastman in the 40’s, Joe Ford in the 50’s, Claude Garand, also in the 50’s. In the 50’s debuted classic bodybuilders such as John Hague, John Incontro and Jesse James, James Kassaris, Ron Lacy, Danny Maffia, Joe Napoli, Ben Oakley, Edie Padilla, Rex Ravelle, Bart Sanders, Bill Taylor, Art Ullrich, Jim Vorus, Tom Winn, Lee Yarussi and Frank Zane. In times that for most bodybuilders today do not represent anything special, classic bodybuilders like these made history.

Sharing information with sports lovers, these great men set the basis of today’s bodybuilding. With a healthy lifestyle, classic bodybuilders like Ernest Cadine who started his career in the early 20’s or Edie Padilla, who had a great success in the 50’s gave the whole world and not just bodybuilding or sports fans an example of a healthy lifestyle and exercising routine that kept them in great shape. Never would have thought classic bodybuilders that they would be so cherished in the 2000 and they will still be examples for so many generations after them, who consider the idols of the golden age.

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