Mr. Olympia – The Bodybuilding Competition of 2011

Mr. Olympia is an annual international bodybuilding competition, held by the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. The winner of the professional men’s bodybuilding contest will be awarded with the title Mr. Olympia, but also with a large amount of money. This year the competition will be hosted by The Orleans Hotel & Casino, in the time period 15-17 September.

Here are the contestants who qualified for the 2011 Mr. Olympia:
Fouad Abiad (Canada);
Troy Alves (USA);
Lionel Beyeke (France);
Robert Burneika (USA);
Evan Centopani (USA);
Brandon Curry (USA);
Jay Cutler (USA) – the 2009 and 2010 winner;
Marius Dohne (South Africa);
Toney Freeman (USA);
Kai Greene (USA);
Phil Heath (USA);
Marcus Haley (USA);
Dexter Jackson (USA);
Johnnie Jackson (USA);
Michael Kefalianos (Australia);
Marc Lavoie (Canada);
James Lewis (United Kingdom);
Victor Martinez (Dominican Republic);
Frank McGrath (Canada);
Cedric McMillan (USA);
Evgeny Mishin (Russia);
Edward Nunn (USA);
Shawn Rhoden (USA);
Craig Richardson (USA);
Ronny Rockel (Germany);
Branch Warren (USA);
Ben White (USA);
Roelly Winklaar (Netherlands);
Dennis Wolf (Germany);
Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan).

One of the celebrities who has won this contest in Arnold Schwarzenegger, from 1970 until 1975. The three days competition will be watched live by millions of people, but if you want to feel the heat by standing close to the contestants, you should hurry in getting tickets because they are sold out pretty fast. You can purchase your tickets online, at

How can you become Mr. Olympia?

Building a stunning physique takes time and knowledge. A good knowledge of your body type, proper nutrients, proper training etc is essential in order to build an attractive physique that people will envy. Some bodybuilders may recommend one type of exercise which may or may not work for you. On the other hand, you may stumble upon a bodybuilder with the same body type as you and his advice on training and dieting can be of the utmost benefit to you. Only time and experience can teach about the perfect combination of stimuli and diet that can bring out that well developed physique unique to each individual.

As you start working out, don’t think of your workout as a job, but rather as a challenging way to have fun. Always warm up before you begin. Once you finish warming up and stretching, break into your full workout routine at a steady pace. A good rhythm will keep you motivated.

Prior to starting, you should create a good workout schedule. The workout schedule should have the days of training and the days of rest as well as each body part that you’ll workout on any given day. You should also detail every exercise that you’ll do for a particular body part with the numbers of sets and repetitions. For example, if you want to perform lateral arm raises 2 sets of 8 repetitions, you would write it in your schedule.

Aerobic training should be included in your plan while working to achieve that stunning physique. Aerobic can help in many ways such as balance, cardiovascular and also help maintain good breathing habits.

Aerobic also burn free fatty acid, and will define your overall physique. More and more bodybuilders are now including aerobic activities in their training since they now can see the benefits associated with it. The fact is bodybuilding without aerobic is like bodybuilding not reaching to its full potential.

Dieting is a very important aspect in building a world class physique. The proper diet should include high-fiber nutrients among other things. Don’t forget that high-fiber diets works to eliminate diseases. You want to include at least 40 grams of high-fiber into your daily diet. The diet will consist of oatmeal, carrots, corn, oat bran, citrus, apples, peas and beans and more.

There are things that you should be aware of from the start. To achieve a well sculptured physique, you would have to work all parts of the body without overloading the joints. As mentioned before, a well balance diet is a must if you want to see optimum results. Beside the high-fiber diet, proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and lots of calories are needed as fuel and building blocks for your muscles.

Fat is also an important element in your diet. The body requires a certain amount of fat to function properly. The fat will act as fuel to be converted into energy during your training.

At some point in your training, you’ll need to develop your endurance in order to better sculpt your body. Endurance workouts are vital, since endurance build the staying power while building your patience. Endurance is a survival kit that will increase your stamina. Endurance training is a must if you ever want to compete in the big Mr O. (Mr Olympia).

The journey to a better physique starts with one training day and get more complexed as you continue. The thing to remember is treat your body with respect and in return it will be with you for a long time. Listen to your body and learn as much as you can about the art of fitness and bodybuilding. One day, you’ll be rewarded with a great physique that will demand respect and attention.

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