Ric Drasin On A Week In The Golden Era

Ric Drasin talks this time about the life of bodybuilders in the classic era. Their body looked great and bodybuilders were healthier without taking steroids.


Additionally, they didn’t even eat food containing a lot of carbs. But how they managed to look spectacular and stay healthy? Perhaps one of the reasons is that bodybuilding it wasn’t just a sport for them, but their lifestyle and even a job.


You’ll also have the opportunity to find out how it was a week in the life of a bodybuilder from the Golden Era. After watching this video, you’ll understand a lot of things and bodybuilding rules. Try them and you may discover that they have a great effect on your body and lifestyle.


Ric Drasin discusses about his lifestyle, diet and training as a bodybuilder. He explains everything in a simple and easy to understand way, including a few principles that will guide today’s bodybuilders. Watch the video and you’ll definitely learn a lot of useful things that you can also do:

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