Vintage Bodybuilding Videos

Before the era of hormones and steroids, men actually worked a lot to achieve beautiful bodies. If you are curious to see how they trained and how competitions took place, you can check the next videos. Of course, you need to be realistic and aware of the fact that bodybuilding today is not the same and it’s normal to take certain substance that will help you develop your body. You can even buy online many of them to use in your personal bodybuilding process. And to understand better how it all works, you should also read and learn everything you need to know about bodybuilding in our era.

However, the men you need to look up to are those that experienced classic bodybuilding, about which you can find out more in these wonderful vintage videos that you can check right on this page.

This is with the 6 Baillargeon brothers: Adrien, Antonio, Charles, Jean, Lionel and Paul.

The father of bodybuilding – Eugen Sandow – can be admired in this video from 1895 filmed while he put his muscles on display for the audience during a show.

Junior Ocasio is another classic bodybuilder who had a wonderful career in the mid 20 century. In this video you can admire him posing on the beach.

If you are curious to see Danny Padilla posing in the gym, you can do it in the next video.

Don Howorth is considered to be the man with some of the best shoulders ever. You can admire him in this sequence from a movie made in the 1960s.

These videos are amazing, showing classic bodybuilders that worked a lot to achieve their beautiful bodies. If you want to resemble them, you will need a lot of exercise and a healthy lifestyle, but the results you will have will be impressive.

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