What It Means To Look As A Classic Bodybuilder

To look exactly as a classic bodybuilder, then you’ve got to train as one. Having a classic bodybuilding physique involves symmetry, proportion and balance. The key to a classic physique are the following principles:

  • Be balanced
  • Carve in detail
  • Keep a small and chiseled waist
  • Add variety
  • Put in the time


If you don’t know very well how it should look the body of a classic bodybuilder, read the following instructions:
1. All muscle groups are in perfect proportion with each bodypart detracting from the whole.

2. Wide delts, small waist and flaring quads for a great silhouette from front and back.

3. Fine details highlight smaller muscle groups to add overall flow and impact of physique.

4. Major muscles and tie-ins between muscle groups show deep separation.


Remember that classic bodybuilding means that size is not very important, but means being balanced. The midsection is the centerpiece of your entire physique, so pay attention to it.

Related to classic training, it means:

  • splitting your workouts in two parts: morning and afternoon/evening in order to have energy to train all the parts of your body
  • training abs every other day to have a tight midsection which is required for a classic physique
  • rest one or two days at the end of every four-day cycle as this will refresh your body and mind


Here you have a brief guide that can help you a lot:
DAY 1 Quads (AM); hamstrings (PM)
DAY 2 Chest (AM); abs and calves (PM)
DAY 3 Back (AM); weak bodypart focus (PM)
DAY 4 Shoulders (AM); arms, abs and calves (PM)
DAY 5 Rest