What You Should Not Eat And Drink After 8 PM

If you dream to achieve the body of a classic bodybuilder of the golden era, you need to pay a lot of attention to your diet. And this means you cannot cheat; you have to eat healthy and during some established hours, otherwise you may ruin your plan. The menu you can have is varied to make sure you have a good intake of vitamins and minerals besides all the nutrients your body needs. But there are a few diet blunders you need to avoid in the evening, because these foods and drinks are simply not OK to be consumed by a bodybuilder before going to sleep.



Milk is one of the best sources of protein and calcium, but beware, because this delicious liquid also contains lactose, which is a sugar. And sugar is exactly what you need to avoid before going to bed. If you are in the mood for milk, drink instead a lactose-free protein shake that will help you build muscle even during your sleep.



It is very indicated to consume as many vegetables as possible through your diet, but never celery before sleep. Muscles grow during your sleep and you need to rest. However, celery is a diuretic and it will make you wake up a lot with the need of going to the bathroom. Instead of celery, you can eat some broccoli.



Meat is a source of protein, but protein needs a lot of energy to be digested. This means you may stay wide awake all night long because of the digestion process. And if you are committed to bodybuilding, you are surely aware how important a good night sleep is. Replace the big steak from dinner with up to 50 grams of turkey meat.

Fruit Juice


Fruit juice is indeed delicious, but it is very acidic and you may have heart burns. More than this, juice has a lot of sugar in it. You can replace the glass of fresh fruit juice with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with a few fresh berries.



Chocolate is high in sugar and fat, we’re sure you already know this. Unfortunately it also contains caffeine, a stimulant you need to avoid before going to bed, because it may cause you insomnia. Leave the chocolate aside and choose to drink a glass of water instead to make you forget about your craving.

If you desire to become a bodybuilder, you need to listen to our advice. Choose the best for your body and you will reach your goal without any problems.