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Updated 1/15/2004. If you have additional information about these or other bodybuilder and physique photographers, please e-mail Brian.

Many talented photographers took the photos displayed on this web site archive. Below is a listing of famed muscle and physique photographers whose works have delighted generations:

Bruce Bellas (1907-1974)
Better known as Bruce of LA, former Nebraska schoolteacher Bruce Bellas made his way to Los Angeles in the late 1940s. Bellas photographed many famous bodybuilders and actors in his heyday, including Steve Reeves, Ed Fury, Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski, and still others. In addition, he made films (loops) and published physique magazines, including Adonis and The Male Figure.

Jimmy Caruso
Gym owner and photographer Jimmy Caruso is well known for his studies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sergio Oliva, among many others.

Writer-editor-photographer Denie has interviewed and photographed such bodybuilding legends as Dave Draper, Anibal Lopez, Dennis Tinerino, Clint Beyerle, and John Kemper, and is a legend in his own right. Click here for a biography of Denie.

Douglas of Detroit (19??-1999)
Douglas of Detroit photographed Vic Seipke, Glen Bishop, and other popular 1950s models.

Wayne Gallasch
Owner of GMV Productions, Wayne Gallasch's photos have graced the covers of bodybuilding magazines since the 1960s. His subjects include Mike Mentzer, Chris Dickerson, and scores of other bodybuilding legends.

Kris of Chicago
Chuck Renslow operated the Kris of Chicago studio from the early 1950s through the mid 1970s.

Walter Kundzicz
Walter Kundzicz of Champion Studios bridged the gap between the bodybuilders physique era of the 1940s and 1950s to the leaner, lithe models often seen in 1960s physique photos. Some of his subjects include Darryl Powers, Monte Hanson, Dick Stark, and Jim Stryker.

Tony Lanza (19??-2001)
Lanza's photographs of Leo Robert and others made the covers of many magazines from the 1940s on.

Lon of New York (1911-1999)
Alonzo James Hanagan, otherwise known as Lon of New York, enjoyed a long career as a photographer, starting in the 1930s. Some of his models included Raul Pacheco and John Grimek. Unlike many other physique photographers who were located in the Los Angeles area, Lon stayed in New York. Sadly, Lon wearied of court battles and police harrasment and ceased operation in the 1960s, retiring to teach piano.

Pat Milo (1911-1969)
James Patrick Milo got his start in photography with the assistance of Bruce of LA. Among Milo's models were famed bodybuilders Larry Scott and Bernie Ernst.

Bob Mizer (1922-1992)
Athletic Model Guild founder Bob Mizer was a photographer and publisher of Physique Pictorial. He photographed many of the great bodybuilders of the 1950s, including Bob McCune, Keith Stephans, and Bud Counts. Much of Mizer's work is chronicled and illustrated in The Complete Reprints of Physique Pictorial

Scott of London (192?-196?)
Scott of London, otherwise known as Tom Nicholls, was famous for his photographs of Helmut Riedmeier, Vic Haywood, Rick Wayne, and John Hamill.

Alan B. Stone (1928-1992)
From Montreal, photographer Alan B. Stone was one of Canada's most important and gifted physique photographers in the 1950s and 1960s. Stone published several physique magazines in the 1960s, including Physique Illustrated and the popular Face and Physique. Among his models were Billy Hill and Martin Reid.

Vince of London
From the 1940s through the early 1960s, William Green (aka Vince of London) photographed many young bodybuilders and physique models.

Russ Warner
Bodybuilder-turned-photographer Russ Warner has shot nearly all the greats during his 50+ year career, from Steve Reeves and Clarence Ross to Tom Platz, Mike Mentzer, and Dave Draper.

Don Whitman (1916-1998)
Founder of the Western Photography Guild. Among his subjects were physique models Jim Dardanis, Mark Nixon, and Paul Labriola.

Art Zeller (1930-1999)
Bodybuilder-turned-photographer Art Zeller moved behind the camera and was renowned for his work.

All photos are used in accordance with the Fair Use Law (Per Title 17, United States Code, Section 107); however, these images remain the property of the film or photo copyright owners. The intent of the Classic Bodybuilders site is to be an on-line archive for the purpose of providing an historical context of the bodybuilders of yesteryear and is an ongoing research project, updated several times a year. The webmaster has enjoyed the assistance of numerous site visitors in preserving the history of these bodybuilding legends; these visitors have provided a wealth of information and images from their personal collections. More than 90 percent of the photographs displayed within this site were donated by these gracious visitors, some of whom are listed below in alphabetical order:
Peter Arnold
John Bianculli
Charles Hixon
Nathalie Manier
Dave Mastorakis
Anthony Pandolfo
Steve Pappa
Larry Powers
Marianna Prosperity
Dominik Vaugin
and many others

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