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Classic Bodybuilders
of the Golden Era of Bodybuilding

Updated 1/27/2004.

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Walter Laberge

Walter Laberge
Walter Laberge, 1935

Hugo Labra

Hugo LabraHugo LabraHugo LabraHugo Labra
Hugo Labra, early 1960s

Paul Labriola

Visit the Paul Labriola page
Visit the Paul Labriola page.

Ron Lacy

Ron LacyRon LacyRon Lacy
Ron Lacy, 1971; 1958; 1956

Jack LaLanne

Jack LaLanneJack LaLanneJack LaLanneJack LaLanneJack LaLanneJack LaLanne
Jack LaLanne, 1954; 1947; 1942; 1950; 1940

Phil Lambert

Phil LambertPhil Lambert
Phil Lambert, 1950s

Darin Lannaghan

Darin LannaghanDarin LannaghanDarin LannaghanDarin Lannaghan
Darin Lannaghan, 1990s

Theron Larroquette

Theron Larroquette
Theron Larroquette, 1973

Sig Latschkowski (1939-2000) and Hans Latschkowski

Hans and Sig Latschkowski
Hans and Sig Latschkowski, early 1960s

Robert Lauda

Robert Lauda
Robert Lauda, 1971

Juwa LaVonce

Juwa LaVonceJuwa LaVonceJuwa LaVonce
Juwa LaVonce, 1950s

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence
Bill Lawrence, 1960s

Kevin Lawrence

Kevin Lawrence
Kevin Lawrence, 1980s

Eric Lawyer

Eric LawyerEric Lawyer
Eric Lawyer, early 1930s

Bill Leardi

Bill Leardi
Bill Leardi, 1939

Joao Lealfilho

Joao Lealfilho
Joao Lealfilho, 1951

Dick Lee

Dick Lee
Dick Lee, early 1950s

John Lees

John LeesJohn LeesJohn Lees
John Lees, 1956; 1957; 1953

Rene Leger

Rene Leger
Rene Leger, 1947

Rory Leidelmeyer

Rory LeidelmeyerRory LeidelmeyerRory Leidelmeyer
Rory Leidelmeyer, 1979; 1981

Frank Leight

Frank Leight
Frank Leight, 1942

Billy Lemacks

Billy LemacksBilly LemacksBilly LemacksBilly Lemacks
Billy Lemacks, 1962; 1962; 1957; 1957

Wally Lenart

Wally Lenart
Wally Lenart, 1963

Jose Lence

Jose Lence
Jose Lence, 1962

Henry Lenz

Henry Lenz
Henry Lenz, 1953

Gary Leonard

Gary LeonardGary Leonard
Gary Leonard, 1980

Timmy Leong

Timmy LeongTimmy LeongTimmy Leong
Timmy Leong, 1956; 1961; 1954

Santo Leone

Santo LeoneSanto LeoneSanto LeoneSanto LeoneSanto Leone
Santo Leone, early 1940s

Gaston LePutt

Gaston LePutt
Gaston LePutt, 1932

Lloyd Lerille

Lloyd Lerille
Lloyd Lerille, 1960

Albert Le Roux

Albert Le Roux
Albert Le Roux, 1958

Keith Lewin

Keith LewinKeith LewinKeith LewinKeith LewinKeith LewinKeith LewinKeith Lewin
Keith Lewin, 1950s

Kurt Lewis

Kurt LewisKurt LewisKurt LewisKurt LewisKurt LewisKurt Lewis
Kurt Lewis, early 1960s

Reg Lewis

Reg Lewis
Visit the Reg Lewis page.

Joffre L'Heureux

Joffre L'HeureuxJoffre L'HeureuxJoffre L'Heureux
Joffre L'Heureux, 1940s (thanks to Terry McConnell)

Richard Lichtenberg

Richard Lichtenberg
Richard Lichtenberg, 1950s

Ed Lincoln

Ed LincolnEd Lincoln
Ed Lincoln, 1950s

Tore Lind

Tore LindTore LindTore LindTore LindTore LindTore LindTore Lind
Tore Lind, 1960s

Milton Lippman

Milton Lippman
Milton Lippman, early 1950s

Mike Liscio

Mike Liscio
Mike Liscio, 1950s

Charles Loesch

Charles Loesch and Curtis Haywood
Charles Loesch, with Curtis Haywood, 1972

Keri Long

Keri LongKeri LongKeri Long
Keri Long, 1966

Anibal Lopez

Anibal Lopez
Visit the Anibal Lopez page.

Sam Loprinzi (1913-1996)

Sam LoprinziSam LoprinziSam LoprinziSam Loprinzi
Sam Loprinzi, 1945; 1935; 1946; 1954

Carter Lovisone

Carter Lovisone
Carter Lovisone, 1950s

John Loyd

John Loyd
John Loyd, early 1980s

Georg Lurich (1876-1920)

Georg LurichGeorg LurichGeorg Lurich
Georg Lurich, early 1900s

Dan Lurie

Dan LurieDan LurieDan Lurie
Dan Lurie, 1945; 1942; 1946

Harlan Lutz

Harlan LutzHarlan LutzHarlan Lutz
Harlan Lutz, 1950s

Lynn Lyman

Lynn Lyman
Visit the Lynn Lyman page.

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