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Classic Bodybuilders: Links

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Updated 4/9/2004.

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Official Sites

Accessible Fitness
Accessible Fitness is an organization established to help the physically challenged to attain both the physical and the mental benefits of exercise. Founded in 1998 by Paul O’Lone, Mr. North America 1993, Accessible Fitness was created following O'Lone's diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis.

Anthony Catanzaro.Com: The Official Site of Male Fitness Model and Natural Bodybuilder Anthony Catanzaro
Check out Anthony Catanzaro.com for a biography, resume, an extensive listing of photos for sale, personal training and diet advice, and more.

The Official Franco Columbu Web Site
This site contains photos and information about Franco Columbu, including his film career.

Bodybuilding, nutrition, and motivation made simple by Dave Draper: Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe. A great site, Dave Draper's IronOnline contains an online store, weekly columns, a photo gallery, and so much more.

Ric 'The Equalizer' Drasin
Actor-bodybuilder-wrestler Ric Drasin is featured at this site. Look for vintage bodybuilding and wrestling photos, resume info, and much more.

Contains a photo gallery, training tips, filmography information, and more.

The Vegetarian Bodybuilder: Steve Holt
Steve Holt's site contains a photo gallery, vegetarian menus, information about other vegetarian bodybuilders, and information about Holt's music.

Legendary Fitness, LLC
Richard Baldwin and Diane Fields helm this site and serve as the WWW's premier baby boomer fitness experts. They have teamed up to bring you the most comprehensive resource for the baby boomer population. Based on scientific evidence and hands-on experience, Richard and Diane help guide you to achieve your goals.

Darin Lannaghan.Com
See this site devoted to actor and model Darin Lannaghan.

Dan Lurie: Trainer of Champions
At 80, Dan Lurie still looks great! Visit his site for lots of photos of Lurie and others.

Lords of Discipline The Official Site of David Mastorakis
In 1965 at the age of 15, David Mastorakis was selected as the youngest bodybuilder to qualify as a Mr. America competitor. His official site, The Lords of Discipline, was created for natural bodybuilders who are proud to be drug free. This site features a clothing line specifically for natural bodybuilders. You'll also find several photos of David Mastorakis here.

Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty
Contains information about the late, great Mike Mentzer.

The Original Giant Killer: Danny Padilla
Visit Danny Padilla's official web site for information, photos, and training advice. There's also a members only section with more photos, personal messages, and more.

Bill Pearl Enterprises, Inc.: Bodybuilding and Fitness
A beautifully designed site with a fitness store, photos, and more.

The Official Dave Prowse Web Site
Actor and bodybuilder Dave Prowse is best known to fans as Darth Vader from the original Star Wars trilogy. Visit his site for biographical and filmography information, a huge photo gallery, appearances and club information, and much more.

Leo Robert: Mr. Universe
This site contains biographical information and many photos of Leo Robert. Also, autographed photos are available through his site.

Eddie Robinson banner
Very slick site with biographical and bodybuilding competition information. Videos and autographed photos and posters of Eddie Robinson are available.

Stephen Takacs
Welcome to the online home of Stephen Takacs, a bodybuilder living on Long Island, New York. Be sure to check out the upcoming championship schedule and the photos page.

Casey Viator's Total Fitness
Visit Casey Viator's site for more information about his Total Fitness program. Also, there's a large gallery of photos, and autographed photos are available.

Graphic Muscle banner
Graphic Muscle boasts the largest bodybuilding database on the Internet, covering the sport for more than 60 years. Its archives hold over 80,000 photos and hundreds of videos of bodybuilding's brightest stars--Steve Reeves, Reg Park, Clancy Ross, Bill Pearl, Larry Scott, Sergio Oliva, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Robby Robinson, Chris Cormier, Jay Cutler, Lee Priest, Ronnie Coleman and thousands of other champions. Monies earned from this site go directly to the great photographers of the images displayed. The site is updated daily with a steady stream of photos and videos bringing its viewers up-to-the-minute news about men's bodybuilding around the world.

Don Lemmon banner
Don Lemmon---Nutritionist to many celebrities and pro athletes. Specializes in fat loss, obesity and body building. Some of the World's best-built physiques use this system and over 100,000 people are members of his FREE newsletter.

The Nadia Alterio-Lemmon Show
Nadia Alterio-Lemmon---Bodybuilder, Model, Women's Advocate, Writer and wife of celebrity nutritionist Don Lemmon of donlemmon.com. While her site features a photo gallery, this site is directed towards educational issues in the many areas she specializes in. Health is the priority: information and guidance are the keys.

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