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Welcome to Classic Bodybuilders!...

Here, you'll find thousands of photos of your favorite bodybuilders and physique models from the golden era of bodybuilding, roughly 1900 through the early 1980s. Many of these athletes have been building muscle without the use of bodybuilding supplements. Due to the era, the bodybuilding equipment and bodybuilding products were completely different than they are now. Their ability to gain muscle was dependent on their workout routines and diets that differ from bodybuilders today.

Click on the alphabet links on the side to go to the pages; photographs are alphabetized by the bodybuilders' last names. Don't forget to check out the other links above, including Bodybuilders on DVD; the Unknown Bodybuilders pages; bodybuilder and physique model books; links; clothing; and the photo credits page, a work in progress that contains a listing of famed bodybuilding and physique photographers.

Bodybuilder Photos and More Information:

Martin Adams

Richard Alan

Alex Aronis

Richard Baldwin

Samir Bannout

Buddy Basil

Kip Behar

Doug Betts

Clint Beyerle

John Bianculli

Bob Birdsong

Glenn Bishop

Gable Boudreaux

Pat Burnham

Chuck Buser

Roger Callard

Frank Calta

Boyer Coe

Scott Cooper

John Corvello

Bud Counts

Mike Dayton

Jack Delinger

Clement Desjardins

Chris Dickerson

Dick Dubois

Robert Duranton

Brian Eastman

George Eiferman

Bert Elliott

Ahmet Enunlu

Juan Ferrero

Robert Fedell

Kim Fox

Gary Frost

Jesse Gautreaux

David George

Vince Gironda

Abe Goldberg

John Grimek

Pete Grymkowski

Jim Haislop

John Hamill

Billy Hill

Roy Hilligenn

Frank Hollfelder

Bob Hover

Don Howorth

Bob Jensen

John Kemper

Ralph Kleiner

Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski

Paul Labriola

Anibal Lopez

Lynn Lyman

Bob McCune

Bill Melby

Gene Meyer

Steve Michalik

Guy Mierczuk

Forrester Millard

Tex Murdock

Robert Nailon

Pat Neve

George O'Mara

Sergio Oliva

Freddy Ortiz

Eddie Padilla

Floyd Page

Anthony Pandolfo

Jim Pappa

Bob Paris

Bill Pearl

Don Peters

Elias Petsas

Bob Poling

Darryl Powers

Larry Powers

Martin Reid

Robert Reis

Helmut Riedmeier

Leo Robert

Dave Rogers

Clarence Ross

Jerry Ross

Ray Royal

Tom Sansone

Tony Sansone

Elmo Santiago

Don Scott

Larry Scott

Vic Seipke

Bill Seno

Gene Shuey

Mike Sill

Everett Sinderoff

Chuck Sipes

Dave Spector

Dick Spero

Dick Stark

Alan Stephan

Keith Stephan

Jean-Charles St. Mars

Rock Stonewall

Doug Strohl

Jim Stryker

Kalman Szkalak

Armand Tanny

Ed Theriault

Jack Thomas

Jerry Thomas

Dennis Tinerino

Chuck Tomlinson

Norman Tousley

John Tristram

Ron Unger

Dominik Vaugin

Casey Viator

Vern Weaver

Ed Weller

Steve Wengryn

Jusup Wilkosz

Scott Wilson

Dennis Wood

Frank Zane

David Zurborg

New pages for Ahmet Enunlu, Norman Tousley, and Ron Unger! Recent additions include Juan Ferrero, Roy Hilligenn, Pat Neve, Freddy Ortiz, Floyd Page, and Vern Weaver.


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